Monday, November 29, 2010

It is Enough!

“Are you still sleeping and resting? IT IS ENOUGH! The hour has come; behold, the Son of Man…” Mark 14:41
It is a great question to ask ourselves as we keep our eyes on heavenly things. I wish that it wasn’t so easy to get caught up in “sleeping” and “resting.” So many times I am blinded by my selfishness and forget that I am in a war. I ask that the Lord would wake me up and you as well. It is such urgency that we share who Jesus is with people, and who they can be in Him. It has been great going to the central park and bus stop with Darwin. Darwin has such a heart to see people understand Jesus and His work. It is so great to have another guy that shares in this urgency. So far we have seen one lady respond to this work; her name is Gretel. Gretel even brought three other friends with her to the study! It is so exciting to see God working! Please be praying that they will continue to come. We hope to see even more people draw closer to the Lord in the near future.
In October I was able to go to a pastor’s conference in El Salvador, thanks to my parents. It was a great time of sharing and learning. The other pastors from different parts of Central and South America were a huge encouragement to me and others.
Annie and Darwin are doing great with their new baby. They are fitting right in to the work the Lord has for them here. Darwin and I are still waiting on the timing of the Lord as to when to get the men’s study going. Right now Darwin is trying to get enough guys committed to coming. Please continue to be praying for this ministry and the guys that will be coming.
This update is going to be shorter than the others to save room for the next one. We have many things planned for the next few months. Please be praying for:
• The 4 guys coming from the States on the 13th of December (finances, travel, furniture and appliances for their house, ect)
• First Women’s Tea on the 4th of December
• Salvation Army Gift Handout on the 18th of December
• My parents coming to visit on the 16th December
• Christmas party for our church and our neighborhood
• Construction of the house we are in (we are building a huge room off the back of the house to have more space for the studies)
• Time with Adriana and her boys in Rivas (young widow)
• My broken toes would heal right (I missed the ball and kicked a rock under the water at the beach)
• The car would be repaired the right way this time (having problems with the head)
Thanks again to all of you that take the time to read our updates. And thank you so much for praying for us and the Lord’s work down here. Have a great Christmas and New Years!
Schockey Family