Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello Friends and Family, Well we really wanted to get another vlog out to you guys, but we have been too busy to make another one. So you will have to suffer reading instead of watching. I will try and keep it short and to the point. First of all, and most important, is thanking you guys for your prayers and support. It would be so much harder to work down here without you guys going before the Father for us. So we have been up to a lot of different activities, mostly revolving around our little girls. As a Christmas present to our girls Nana has paid for a year of Ballet. The girls love it and have put on many dances both publicly and here in the house to our personal pleasure. Along with home school and public school we have had our hands full as I am sure that many of you can relate. Chelly has decided to start her own side business of painting nails and teaching hair style classes. She had her first class a few weeks ago and the women loved it, and are asking when she will have more. Chelly is hoping that this will be a way to get closer to the women here giving opportunities to share Christ’s love with them. I have been thinking of starting a little business building Cajons (wooden box that acts as a drum) for the local churches. This is still in the thinking stages so we will see if it materializes. Some very exciting news about our direction in ministry has developed in a different way than expressed in the last update. As you all know we were set on moving to Buenos Aires at the first of the year. Well it looks like we will be putting that off for the next year and a half. One of the biggest needs that we had in our decision to move to Buenos Aires was that Chelly would have peace about going there. We prayed for many months for this but it never came. I began to wonder why the Lord was not giving her peace when He had spoken so clearly to me. Now when He had spoken to me through His word there was no timeline with it. So as we began to pray for His direction the Lord began to give us peace about working with the CC Bible College here. Now as many of you know this is not at all where my heart or vision was. So as this direction began to evolve I took a couple of days by myself to go to Buenos Aires to pray for clear, 100% direction that this is where the Lord wanted us. We had to be sure because of the humbling times that would be sure to pass in the near future. The Lord gave me many verses as I struggled to accept what He wanted for us. I would say that it was a sweat time with the Lord but in all truth it was very lonely and humbling. In the end it was very clear that at least for the next year and a half we would be joining forces with the CC Bible College. I have committed myself to being a “helper” for the rest of this semester and then becoming part of the staff for the next 2 semesters. So what does this mean for the other ministries we are involved in? We will continue with our Wednesday night study as this still has a very important place in our hearts. A study has been started on Saturday nights with the family of German. Remember that there were about 11 of these family members that accepted Christ. Well for the last month and a half Darwin has been diligent in providing a Bible study for them in their homes. So we will continue to support Darwin and Annie in this study and fill in when needed. Also we are going to continue to visit our new friends in Buenos Aires to ensure that a strong relationship is kept. Please continue to lift us up, that we might serve everyone around us in the same way. Please pray that we would have an awesome vision and a huge heart for the ministry we will be entering. Also pray that the Lord would continue to shape us, making us more like Him. If any of you would like more information on what we will be doing in the near future please write us an email Oh, yes, and please be praying for me as I take a sudden trip back to the States to help my dad build a wall for 2 weeks. Pray that my family is kept safe and Chelly will have very little stress with the girls. We love you guys and thank you so much! Blessings, Schockey Family