Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well the family is getting super excited about going back to the States to see everyone! It will be 4 ½ years since we have been back as a family. We are excited to introduce our youngest Rya to all of you for the first time. We plan on visiting friends and family in California, Texas, and Colorado. We really want to see all of you, and least have a meal together. So here are the dates that coincide with the places that we will be. May 31 – June 10 Murrieta, California (Curtis plans on attending the pastors conference the 4th through the 7th) June 11 – June 15 El Paso, Texas June 16 – June 18 Durango, Colorado June 19 – July 2 Colorado Springs, Colorado Each Sunday we plan at being at a church to share or just to fellowship. We would love it if you could contact us by e-mail or by facebook to let us know if you want to see us. That way we can get everything organized before we come, so that we can hang out with as many of you as possible. The Lord has been so good to us in these past few months. We asked you to be praying for us in the last letter because we were going through some heavy spiritual warfare. Well thank you so much for lifting us up! The cloud has lifted and we have emerged with a greater love for those with us and those around us. We are super excited about what God is doing in the people’s lives. Please keep praying for your brothers and sisters here among us. Just like you they constantly are battling the wisdom of the world. Pray that the Lord would be seen in their lives so that others might question them about their hope. We are so blessed that the Lord would include us in His plan here. As I was studying for the class I am teaching on Missionary biographies, I came across a truth from Hudson Taylor (missionary to China in 1800’s) which he took from Matt 25:21. “If we are faithful to God in little things, we shall gain experience and strength that will be helpful to us in the more serious trials of life.” This can be seen in the life of Abraham, Joseph, and Moses. It is so encouraging that the difficult times can mean growth, depending on the response. Anyways, please continue to be praying for the people coming to the Wednesday night study, men at Hogar Crea, and those that Darwin and I have been ministering to in town (real quick here are some of their names: Andres-drug addict 20 yrs old; Santiago-alcoholic late 30’s; Angel-alcoholic early 40’s; James-drug addict 18yrs old; Carlos-works construction 31 yrs old; German’s wife and children; Carlos and Sona’s children and spouses). Also please be praying for the Sunday service that we are going to be starting again after Darwin and I are done with our classes. We have great news about the women in the church! The study that Annie and Chelly have been doing every other week has been a consistent interest by the women here. Next month they are planning to have a 3 day women’s retreat to the mountains. They can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to be doing in these women’s lives! Please lift them up that they might learn from the Lord how to be a light to their families. Thank you so much for praying for us, we can’t wait to see you and sit down to give witness of the Lord’s work here. I doubt that I will get another update out to you before we leave for the States, but please let us know if you are available to meet with us. We are scheduling people on the days we are available so please let us know soon if you want to be on the list. Blessings, Schockey Family